Thermal conductivity reduction in phononic nanomesh structures

  title={Thermal conductivity reduction in phononic nanomesh structures},
  author={Jen-Kan Yu and Slobodan Mitrovic and Douglas Weng Wah Tham and Joseph Varghese and James R. Heath},
Device Fabrication All devices were prepared on silicon-on-insulator (SOI; Soitec Inc.) wafers. The SOI wafers were pre-doped by thermally diffusing spin-on-dopant (Boron A; Filmtronics, Inc.) with rapid thermal annealing (RTA) at 820C for 3 minutes. The resulting sheet resistance indicates a doping concentration of 2x10 cm, with the thickness of the silicon epilayer determined by atomic force microscopy to be 25 nm, 22 nm and 20 nm (depending on the device) with a variance of 1 nm. The… CONTINUE READING

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