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Thermal conductivity of substoichiometric ZrC and NbC

  title={Thermal conductivity of substoichiometric ZrC and NbC},
  author={Edmund K. Storms and Paul Wagner},
Vacancy ordering in substoichiometric zirconium carbide: A review
  • T. Davey, Ying Chen
  • Materials Science
    International Journal of Ceramic Engineering & Science
  • 2022
The effect of oxygen impurities on the stability and structural properties of vacancy-ordered and -disordered ZrCx
Theoretical calculations predict several long-range ordered sub-stoichiometric zirconium carbide phases to be stable at low temperature, rather than a random (disordered solution) distribution of
Ultra-High Temperature Materials III: Refractory Carbides II (Ti and V Carbides)
The series of books represents a thorough treatment of ultra-high temperature materials with melting (sublimation or decomposition) points around or over 2500 °C. In the third volume are included
On the stoichiometry of zirconium carbide
This study proposes a method for the accurate measurement of the stoichiometry of ZrC x using three independent experimental techniques, namely: elemental analysis, thermogravimetric analysis and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; a large scatter in the results was found when used independently, but when combining the techniques together consistent values of x were obtained.
An investigation of the long-range and local structure of sub-stoichiometric zirconium carbide sintered at different temperatures
A method is outlined to quantify the stoichiometry of ZrC 1−x and free carbon phases, providing an improvement over the sole use and reliance of widely adopted bulk carbon combustion analysis.
Advanced Concepts in TRISO Fuel