Thermal conductivity of a GaAs single crystal grown in microgravity

  title={Thermal conductivity of a GaAs single crystal grown in microgravity},
  author={Alexey I. Ivanov and A. N. Luk’yanov and Boris Merisov and Alexandr Sologubenko and G. Ya. Khadjai},
A comparative study of the thermal conductivity in the temperature interval 2–300 K is carried out for single-crystal GaAs samples grown on Earth and grown under analogous conditions in microgravity on the manned space station Mir. It is found that the heat transfer in the samples is due to phonons. A consistent processing of the temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity of the Earth-grown and space-grown samples is carried out in the framework of the Debye model of the phonon spectrum… CONTINUE READING

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