Thermal conductivity of GaN, GaN71 , and SiC from 150 K to 850 K

  title={Thermal conductivity of GaN, 
, and SiC from 150 K to 850 K},
  author={Qiye Zheng and Chunhua Li and Akash Rai and Jacob H. Leach and David Broido and David G. Cahill},
  journal={Physical Review Materials},
The thermal conductivity (\ensuremath{\Lambda}) of wide-band-gap semiconductors GaN and SiC is critical for their application in power devices and optoelectronics. Here, we report time-domain thermoreflectance measurements of \ensuremath{\Lambda} in GaN, $^{71}\mathrm{GaN}$, and SiC between 150 and 850 K. The samples include bulk $c$- and $m$-plane wurtzite GaN grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) and ammonothermal methods; homoepitaxial natural isotope abundant GaN and isotopically… 

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