Thermal cleavage of the fmoc protection group.


The Fmoc protection group is among the most commonly used protection groups for the amino function. A fast method for the thermal deavage of this protection group under base-free conditions without the need for dibenzofulvene scavengers is presented. The advantages of this method include straightforward testability by means of a simple high-temperature NMR experiment, usually high yields, and good selectivity towards the BOC protection group and t-butyl ethers.


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@article{Hck2010ThermalCO, title={Thermal cleavage of the fmoc protection group.}, author={Stefan H{\"{o}ck and Roger Mart{\'i} and Rainer Riedl and Marina Simeunovice}, journal={Chimia}, year={2010}, volume={64 3}, pages={200-2} }