Thermal asymmetry of the human scrotum.

  title={Thermal asymmetry of the human scrotum.},
  author={B Bengoudifa and Roger Mieusset},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={22 8},
BACKGROUND Scrotal temperatures in men have been reported to be either similar on both sides or higher on the left than the right scrotum. [...] Key Method In Experiment I, eight men have been submitted to four successive body positions for 15 min each, first naked then clothed. Experiment II involved 11 postal employees working in a standing position for 90 min continuously. Experiment III involved 11 bus drivers and a 90 min period of continuous driving.Expand

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Relationship between ambient temperature and heat flux in the scrotal skin.
This suggested value could be adopted a cooling device as clinical therapy for a heat stress patient to decrease testicular temperature affecting spermatogenesis. Expand
Laterality in cooling mechanisms of the scrotum: Another interpretation
The thermal asymmetry of the scrotum presents several deeply interesting theoretical and clinical issues and one additional yet important cause for the naturally different thermal levels could be, simply, anatomical asymmetry. Expand
Elevated scrotal temperature, but not varicocele grade, reflects testicular oxidative stress-mediated apoptosis
Elevation of scrotal temperature is one of the major factors to impair spermatogenesis and steroidogenesis in testis with varicocele and this heat stress is shown to be closely associated with oxidative stress, following the apoptosis of germ cells. Expand
Temperature and Testis
R Routes of potential exposure in humans are related to posture, clothing and activity, lifestyle factors, occupational heat exposure and clinical factors such as cryptorchidism and varicocele. Expand
Normal testes asymmetry evaluated by apparent diffusion coefficient and magnetization transfer ratio
The reported differences in paired testes size was confirmed, introducing a possible relationship with structural and functional asymmetry of normal testes, based on MTR. Expand
Training surgeons with clickers and warm scrotum studies win Ig Nobel awards
This year’s Ig Nobel Prize for medical education was habits, well demonstrated by clicker training of surgeons, and the clicker approach to dog training works by rewarding desired behaviors with a clicking sound made by pressing a small handheld device. Expand
Hormonal, chemical and thermal inhibition of spermatogenesis: contribution of French teams to international data with the aim of developing male contraception in France
  • J. Soufir
  • Medicine
  • Basic and Clinical Andrology
  • 2017
The history and the progress of the experimental and clinical works of teams who addressed hormonal, chemical and thermal approaches to male contraception have led to a better comprehension of spermatogenesis that could be useful in fields other than male contraception: effects of toxic compounds, fertility preservation. Expand
Multi-model Analysis of Diffusion-weighted Imaging of Normal Testes at 3.0 T: Preliminary Findings.
The results can help establish a baseline for the normal testicular parameters in these diffusion models and the contralateral normal testis can serve as a suitable reference for evaluating the abnormalities of the other side. Expand
Heat and Oxidative Stress in the Germ Line
Spermatogenesis is highly dependent on scrotal temperature. In the ­testis, germ cells but not somatic cells are vulnerable to heat stress. In response to heat stress, germ cells undergo apoptosis,Expand
Transient Protection from Heat-Stress Induced Apoptotic Stimulation by Metastasis-Associated Protein 1 in Pachytene Spermatocytes
A transient protective effect of this histone modifier in primary spermatocytes against heat-stress, which may operate as a negative coregulator of p53 in maintenance of apoptotic balance during early phase after hyperthermal stress is underscore. Expand


Influence of the type of undertrousers and physical activity on scrotal temperature.
It is suggested that wearing tight fitting undertrousers is associated with higher scrotal and consequently testicular temperatures than wearing loose fitting undertroughers or none. Expand
Deep scrotal temperature and the effect on it of clothing, air temperature, activity, posture and paraplegia.
Paraplegic men in wheelchairs have deep scrotal temperatures averaging about 0.9 degrees C higher than normal sitting men, and those whose scrotAL temperatures are very high usually lack motile spermatozoa, so means of lowering paraplegic deep sc rotational temperatures can be designed. Expand
Increase in scrotal temperature in car drivers.
Continuous monitoring of scrotal temperature in men driving a car for a prolonged period indicates a potential exposure of male reproductive function to lifestyle factors. Expand
The relation between daily activities and scrotal temperature.
It is concluded that work position is an important determinant of testicular temperature because it was strongly correlated with sedentary work position and activities at work and during spare time. Expand
Diurnal variations in scrotal temperature of normal men and patients with varicocele before and after treatment.
The data support the view that varicocele-related damage to the testis results from a lack of adequate cooling, and that treatment does not normalize the temperature pattern. Expand
Effect of clothing on scrotal temperature in normal men and patients with poor semen.
Abstract Mean scrotal surface temperatures overlying the testis clothed and unclothed reaffirm a prior observation that patients with very low spermatozoa counts (⩽ 20 mil./ml.) have higherExpand
Effect of induced intrascrotal hyperthermia on testicular function in man.
Modification of spermatogenesis by induced intrascrotal hyperthermia may have practical application not only as a means of controlling fertility, but also as a therapeutic tool in certain cases of oligospermia. Expand
A portable digital data recorder for long-term monitoring of scrotal temperatures.
Great variations of scrotal temperatures revealed in some men with varicocele compared with normal fertile men indicating impaired cooling mechanisms, and the miniaturized design of the Thermoport makes it suitable for routine use in outpatients of infertility clinics, in occupational medicine for evaluation of heat hazards, and for investigations of body temperatures under various experimental conditions. Expand
Are boxer shorts really better? A critical analysis of the role of underwear type in male subfertility.
It is unlikely that underwear type has a significant effect on male fertility, and routinely advising infertility patients to wear boxer shorts cannot be supported by available scientific evidence. Expand
Thermoregulation of the scrotum and testis: studies in animals and significance for man.
  • G. Waites
  • Medicine
  • Advances in experimental medicine and biology
  • 1991
The extensive information available from experiments on animals concerning the thermal monitoring provided by the scrotum is reviewed to provide a means to apply this knowledge to a better understanding of male infertility and possibly to speed the development of male methods of fertility regulation. Expand