Thermal and Visual Tracking of Photovoltaic Plants for Autonomous UAV inspection

  title={Thermal and Visual Tracking of Photovoltaic Plants for Autonomous UAV inspection},
  author={Luca Morando and Carmine Tommaso Recchiuto and Jacopo Calla and Paolo Scuteri and Antonio Sgorbissa},
Because photovoltaic (PV) plants require periodic maintenance, using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for inspections can help reduce costs. Usually, the thermal and visual inspection of PV installations works as follows. A UAV equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) receiver is assigned a flight zone, which the UAV will cover back and forth to collect images to be subsequently composed in an orthomosaic. When doing this, the UAV typically flies at a height above the ground that is… 

Social Drone Sharing to Increase UAV Patrolling Autonomy in Pre- and Post-Emergency Scenarios

The main contribution of this article is the development of a cloud-based software architecture for SDS mission management, which includes a multi-drone path-optimization algorithm taking the SDS and SCS concepts into account.



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Coverage Path Planning Based on the Optimization Strategy of Multiple Solar Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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A Method for Estimating On-Field Photovoltaics System Efficiency Using Thermal Imaging and Weather Instrument Data and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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Modelling the impact of UAV navigation errors on infrared PV inspection data quality and efficiency

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