Thermal and Thermoelectric Measurements of Low Dimensional Nanostructures

  title={Thermal and Thermoelectric Measurements of Low Dimensional Nanostructures},
  author={Choongho Yu and Wanyoung Jang and Tobias Hanrath and Dohyung Kim and Zhen Yao and Brian A Korgel and Li Shi and Zhong Lin Wang and Dongqing Li and Arunava Majumdar},
Low dimensional materials have unique thermal and thermoelectric properties that can be very different from their bulk counterparts. In a previous work, we and our collaborators have developed a microdevice for measuring thermal and thermoelectric properties of multiwall carbon nanotubes. Here, we used an improved design of the device for measuring single wall carbon nanotubes, Ge nanowires, and SnO2 nanobelts. These nanostructures are trapped between two adjacent symmetric silicon nitride… CONTINUE READING


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