Thermal analysis and vitrification behavior of slag containing porcelain stoneware body

  title={Thermal analysis and vitrification behavior of slag containing porcelain stoneware body},
  author={Mousumi Pal and Sukhen Das and Surajit Gupta and Swapan Das},
  journal={Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry},
Three porcelain stoneware compositions were formulated using common ceramic minerals and slag of metallurgical industries. Standard body was prepared by mixing 45 % kaolin, 40 % feldspar and 15 % quartz (VP 1), and other two contain blast furnace (BF) and basic oxygen furnace slag replacing 30 % of feldspar (VP 2 and VP 3, respectively). The physical changes, phase transformation and mass loss were measured by simultaneous thermo-gravimetric and differential thermal analysis up to 1150 °C. The… 

Phase and microstructural evolution in quartz-free porcelain tile compositions

  • M. PalSwapan Das
  • Materials Science
    Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society
  • 2017
In the present investigation, three quartz-free porcelain compositions were prepared where quartz was fully substituted by fly ash (VPF 1) and feldspar was partly substituted by blast furnace slag

Valorisation of Industrial Soda-Lime Glass Waste and Its Effect on the Rheological Behavior, Physical-Mechanical and Structural Properties of Sanitary Ceramic Vitreous Bodies

In this study, the effect of substitution of feldspar by soda-lime glass waste (SLGW), on rheological behavior, thermal, physical-mechanical and structural properties of sanitary-ware vitreous china

Whiteness improvement of porcelain tiles incorporated with anorthite and diopside phases

  • Muge Tarhan
  • Materials Science
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
  • 2019
In recent years, porcelain tiles have been increasingly used as an alternative to natural stone and marble. Moreover, the expectation of the development of more white porcelain tile bodies is also

Effect of fluxing raw materials on moisture expansion of monoporosa wall tile bodies

  • K. Kayaci
  • Materials Science
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
  • 2020
In the production of wall tiles, trends are moving toward larger-format wall tiles. Moisture expansion of larger-format wall tiles is one of the most important technological parameter that determine

Industry-scalable wall tile composition based on circular economy



The Effect of Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag and Fly Ash Additions in Triaxial Porcelain Composition: Phase and Micro Structural Evolution

Basic oxygen furnace (BOF) slag generated in iron and steel industries were gradually added in a standard triaxial vitrified porcelain tile composition substituting feldspar. Fly ash, a by product of

High Strength Porous Ceramic Tile from Inorganic Wastes and Other Ceramic Minerals

The effect of iron and steel slag and fly ash additions on the physicomechanical properties, phase, and microstructure of normal porcelain compositions replacing quartz in full and feldspar in part

Partial substitution of feldspar by B.F. slag in triaxial porcelain: Phase and microstructural evolution

Anorthite porcelain: synthesis, phase and microstructural evolution

In the present study, anorthite (CaAl2Si2O8) porcelain was fabricated using Ca(OH)2, Al(OH)3, quartz, aluminous cement and feldspar as raw materials. Two compositions were formulated (coded as CAQ

Thermal analysis to assess pozzolanic activity of calcined kaolinitic clays

The use of calcined clays as partial replacement of cement is encouraged since it promotes the reduction of the green-house gas emission and the energy requirement of cement-based material,

Fired Porcelain Microstructures Revisited

The microstructure of standard commercial porcelain consists of α-quartz grains held in a complex matrix. Quartz grains are surrounded by amorphous silica-rich solution rims while the matrix contains

Metakaolin as supplementary cementitious material

SummaryIn this paper the optimization of the kaolin calcination is studied, aiming at using the produced metakaolin as supplementary cementitious material. Representative samples of poor Greek kaolin