Thermal analysis and kinetics of oxidation of “Cr3S4” and “Cr2S3”

  title={Thermal analysis and kinetics of oxidation of “Cr3S4” and “Cr2S3”},
  author={Y. Shigegaki and S. K. Basu and M. Taniguchi},
  journal={Thermochimica Acta},
Abstract The thermal analysis and kinetics of oxidation of monoclinic “Cr 3 S 4 ”, trigonal “Cr 2 S 3 ” and rhombohedral “Cr 2 S 3 ” phases were studied by using both thermogravimetry and high temperature X-ray diffraction technique. The oxidation reactions of Cr x S (x = 0.677 ~ 0.751) were as follows: low temperature range (450° ~ 500°C); high temperature range (500° ~ 645°C); Both the reactions were dependent on temperature, partial pressure of oxygen and phases of chromium sulfides… Expand
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Titanium(III) Sulfide Nanoparticles Coated with Multicomponent Oxide (Ti–S–O) as a Conductive Polysulfide Scavenger for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
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Outstanding performance of ZnS/TiO2 for the urgent disposal of liquid mercury leakage indoors: Novel support effect, reaction mechanism and kinetics.
TiO2 showed a novel support effect on ZnS for Hg 0 capture, and the Hg0 capture performance of Zn s/TiO 2 was greatly better than those of ZNS, Zn S/SiO2, and Zns/Al2O3. Expand


Thermal analysis and kinetics of the oxidation of vanadium and titanium sulfides
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Thermodynamic study and measurement of the electrical conductivity of the Ti-S system
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The chromium-sulphur system between 873 K and 1364 K
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Kinetic Parameters from Thermogravimetric Data
THE use of thermogravimetric data to evaluate kinetic parameters of solid-state reactions involving weight loss (or gain) has been investigated by a number of workers1–4. Freeman and Carroll2 haveExpand
Oxidation of chromium sulphide and chromium sulphide-coated chromium at 1050°C
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Thermal analysis of the oxidation of V5S8 and V3S4
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