Thermal Helium-Oxygen Mixture as Part of a Treatment Protocol for Patients with COVID-19

  title={Thermal Helium-Oxygen Mixture as Part of a Treatment Protocol for Patients with COVID-19},
  author={Lyudmila V. Shogenova and Sergey S. Petrikov and Sergey V. Zhuravel and Pavel V. Gavrilov and Irina I. Utkina and Sergey D. Varfolomeev and Anna M. Ryabokon and A. A. Panin and Alexander G. Chuchalin},
Background. The paper discusses the use of a thermal helium-oxygen mixture (t-Не/О 2 ), a novel technology, in treating patients with the 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease (COVID-19) who develop life-threatening respiratory failure. Aim – to evaluate the safety and efficacy of t-Не/О 2 inhalation combined with standard therapy in the treatment of acute respiratory failure in patients with COVID-19. Materials and Methods. This was a single-center, randomized, prospective study of 70 patients… 
Evaluation of the Effect of Oxygen-Helium Mixture on the Severity of Cough in Patients with Coronavirus Infection
The use of inhalation of oxygen-helium mixture allows reducing the intensity of cough and respiratory rate in patients with COVID-19, and this allowed reducing the severity of cough versus traditional therapy.
The method of inhalation therapy with micro-doses of mixtures noble gases with oxygen
A device that allows dosed injection of noble gas with a volume of about 2-4 ml with peroxide vapors into the nasal cavity is designed and a positive effect from 18 people is noted.
Case report: thermal helium in the treatment of coronavirus pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)
The clinical case shows that inhalation of a thermal gas mixture of helium and oxygen (t-He/O2) in the standard therapy of a patient with pneumonia caused by SARS-CoV-2 positively influenced the clinical picture of the disease, improves gas exchange, and promotes accelerating the elimination of the virus, rehabilitation and discharge of the patient.
Anesthesia and intensive care for patients with COVID-19. Russian Federation of anesthesiologists and reanimatologists guidelines
The provisions of the current version of the recommendations highlight the specifics of anesthesia, intensive care, rehabilitation, resuscitation measures, manipulation, transportation, prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in the implementation of these activities.
Pathomorphological changes due to helium inhalation: an expert case report
A suicide case where an inert gas was chosen as a means, inhalation of helium caused macro- and micromorphological changes in the human body, which led to a fatal outcome.