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Thermal-Expansion Stresses in Reinforced Plastics

  title={Thermal-Expansion Stresses in Reinforced Plastics},
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  • Materials Science
Thermal stresses in hybrid materials with auxetic inclusions
Modelling the coefficient of thermal expansion in Ni-based superalloys and bond coatings
The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of nickel-based superalloys and bond coat layers was modelled by considering contributions from their constituent phases. The equilibrium phase composition
Thermal Expansion Behavior of Al/Magnesia Metal Matrix Composites
The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of aluminum matrix composites having different volume fractions of MgO particulate have been investigated. The composites were produced powder metallurgy
Thermal Conductivity of Diamond Composites
A major problem challenging specialists in present-day materials sciences is the development of compact, cheap to fabricate heat sinks for electronic devices, primarily for computer processors,
Fabrication of composites based on Ca 10 (PO 4 ) 6 (OH) 2 and SiO 2
The aim of the work described in this paper was to make a composite consisting of hydroxyapatite as bioactive matrix and SiO 2 as bioinert component. Five different systems were formed where the
Physical Rock Weathering: Linking Laboratory Experiments, Field Observations, and Natural Features: ─実験・観測・自然現象のリンク─
Physical rock weathering has been studied through laboratory experiments, field observations, and numerical modeling, but linking these approaches and applying the results to weathering features in
Non-linear temperature-dependent curvature of a phase change composite bimorph beam
Bimorph films curl in response to temperature. The degree of curvature typically varies in proportion to the difference in thermal expansion of the individual layers, and linearly with temperature.
Development and evaluation of hybrid joining for metals to polymers using friction stir welding
Combinations of different materials are increasingly used in the modern engineering structures. The driving forces of this trend are rising fuel costs, global warming, customer demands and strict e