Thermal Discrete Element Analysis of EU Solid Breeder Blanket Subjected to Neutron Irradiation

  title={Thermal Discrete Element Analysis of EU Solid Breeder Blanket Subjected to Neutron Irradiation},
  author={Yixiang Gan and Francisco A. Hern{\'a}ndez and Dorian A. H. Hanaor and Ratna Kumar Annabattula and Marc Kamlah and Pavel Pereslavtsev},
  journal={Fusion Science and Technology},
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Abstract Due to neutron irradiation, solid breeder blankets are subjected to complex thermo-mechanical conditions. Within one breeder unit, the ceramic breeder bed is composed of spherical-shaped lithium orthosilicate pebbles, and as a type of granular material, it exhibits strong coupling between temperature and stress fields. In this paper, we study these thermo-mechanical problems by developing a thermal discrete element method (Thermal-DEM). This proposed simulation tool models each… 
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