Thermal Conductivity and Magnetic Phase Diagram of CuB2O4

  title={Thermal Conductivity and Magnetic Phase Diagram of CuB2O4},
  author={Takayuki Kawamata and Naoki Sugawara and S. M. Haidar and Tadashi Adachi and Takashi Noji and Kazutaka Kudo and Norio Kobayashi and Y. Fujii and Hikomitsu Kikuchi and Meiro Chiba and German A. Petrakovskii and Mikhail A. Popov and L. N. Bezmaternykh and Yōji Koike},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
We have measured temperature and magnetic field dependences of the thermal conductivity along the c-axis, kc, and that along the [110] direction, k110, of CuB2O4 single crystals in zero field and magnetic fields along the c-axis and along the [110] direction. It has been found that the thermal conductivity is nearly isotropic and very large in zero field and that the thermal conductivity due to phonons is dominant in CuB2O4. The temperature and field dependences of kc and k110 have markedly… Expand
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