There are no Quantum Jumps , nor are there Particles !

  title={There are no Quantum Jumps , nor are there Particles !},
  author={H. Dieter Zeh},
Quantum theory does not require the existence of discontinuities: neither in time (quantum jumps), nor in space (particles), nor in spacetime (quantum events). These apparent discontinuities are readily described objectively by the continuous process of decoherence occurring locally on a very short time scale according to the Schršdinger equation for interacting systems, while the observerÕs Ôincrease of informationÕ is appropriately represented by the resulting dynamical decoupling of the… CONTINUE READING


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2 I do not feel able to give anything like a complete account of the numerous contributions of this kind . This Letter was written in response to N . Gisin and

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