There Was a Schlieffen Plan: New Sources on the History of German Military Planning

  title={There Was a Schlieffen Plan: New Sources on the History of German Military Planning},
  author={Gerhard P. Gross},
  journal={War in History},
  pages={389 - 431}
  • Gerhard P. Gross
  • Published 2008
  • History
  • War in History
  • For almost ten years international military historians have been discussing Terence Zuber's thesis of the Schlieffen Plan being just a myth designed by the German general staff after the First World War to cover up the mistakes committed by German generals in that war. This debate, led with particular ferocity in War and History, is based on German files that Zuber was the first to study. The following paper, however, challenges Zuber's theories on the basis of files and maps Zuber failed to… CONTINUE READING
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    The temporal dimension : how is time important in the conduct of strategy?


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    War Minister von Einem did not have any particular ideas of Schlieffen's operations plans. It seems that Moltke the younger introduced him into the plans of the general staff only in 1912
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