There IS a Question of Physicalism

  title={There IS a Question of Physicalism},
  author={Orli Dahan},
  journal={Organon F},
  • Orli Dahan
  • Published 1 December 2019
  • Philosophy, Education
  • Organon F
The most common catchphrase of physicalism is: “everything is physical”. According to Hempel’s Dilemma, however, physicalism is an ill-formed thesis because it can offer no account of the physics to which it refers: current physics will definitely be revised in the future, and we do not yet know the nature of future physics. The dilemma arises due to our difficulty to set the boundaries of the concept ‘physical.’ In order to confront the dilemma, a physicalist must ensure that physics is not… 
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Physical Constants as Identifiers of Modern Universal Laws of Nature
It is argued that in modern algebraic-formulated science the ‘physical constant’ can be understood, for practical purposes, as an ‘identifier’ of a universal law of nature, which fulfills the same need for universality, stability, and fundamentality for increasing the epistemic value of a scientific theory.


Current Physics and ‘the Physical’
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Physicalism is the claim that that there is nothing in the world but the physical. Philosophers who defend physicalism have to confront a well-known dilemma, known as Hempel’s dilemma, concerning the
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Given this premiss, and assuming the implausibility of systematic causal overdetermination, it follows that everything that has a physical effect must itself be physical. However, what does
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Many philosophers are impressed by the progress achieved by physical sciences. This has had an especially deep effect on their ontological views: it has made many of them physicalists. Physicalists
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Intuitively, physicalism is the thesis that there’s nothing ‘over and above’ the physical. Going beyond this intuitive formulation requires an account of what it is for a property, kind, relation, or
Why Physics Alone Cannot Define the ‘Physical’: Materialism, Metaphysics, and the Formulation of Physicalism
Materialist metaphysicians want to side with physics, but not to take sides within physics. If we took literally the claim of a materialist that his position is simply belief in the claim that all is
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It is widely noted that physicalism, taken as the doctrine that the world contains just what physics says it contains, faces a dilemma which, some like Tim Crane and D.H. Mellor have argued, shows
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Hempel's Dilemma and domains of physics
Hempel's Dilemma is the claim that physicalism is an ill-formed thesis because it can offer no account of the physics that it refers to: current physics will be discarded in the future, and we don't
Physicalism as an empirical hypothesis
It is argued that van Fraassen’s conclusions run far ahead of what his arguments establish, and that materialists will swallow anything, if the changes accepted are consistent with the truth of materialism when appropriately characterized.
Stoljar’s Dilemma and Three Conceptions of the Physical: A Defence of the Via Negativa
AbstractPhysicalism is the thesis that everything is physical. But what does it mean to say that everything is physical? Daniel Stoljar has recently argued that no account of the physical is