Therapist multicultural competency: A study of therapy dyads.

  title={Therapist multicultural competency: A study of therapy dyads.},
  author={Jairo N. Fuertes and Thomas I Stracuzzi and Jennifer S Bennett and Jennifer Scheinholtz and Alexa Mislowack and Mindy Hersh and David I. Cheng},
  volume={43 4},
[Correction Notice: An erratum for this article was reported in Vol 44(1) of Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training (see record 2007-04278-014). The fifth author's name should be spelled as follows: Alexa Mislowack.] This study examined the role of therapist multicultural competence (TMC). Fifty-one therapy dyads completed measures of therapist multicultural competency, working alliance, and their satisfaction with therapy. Clients also completed measures of therapist… CONTINUE READING