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Therapeutic uses of pineapple-extracted bromelain in surgical care - A review.

  title={Therapeutic uses of pineapple-extracted bromelain in surgical care - A review.},
  author={Zehra Abdul Muhammad and Tashfeen Ahmad},
  journal={JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association},
  volume={67 1},
Bromelain is an extract obtained from the pineapple plant and is used as a traditional folk remedy for several ailments. In this review, a comprehensive electronic database search was carried out to compile available literature on therapeutic implications of bromelain. Pharmaceutical value of bromelain has been demonstrated in different surgical sub-specialties. Diverse biological processes like anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous, analgesic, anti-thrombotic, exfoliation etc. are involved in… 

Recent Advances and Insights into Bromelain Processing, Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic Uses

The state of the art in the main conventional and unconventional extraction and purification methods of bromelain are described and the advantages and limitations of these strategies are discussed.

In vitro performance of free and encapsulated bromelain

N nanoencapsulation of bromelain with chitosan conferred physical protection, delayed release, and wound retraction activity to the formulation, properties that favor topical formulations with a modified release.

Enhancement of the Anti-inflammatory Effect of Bromelain by Its Immobilization on Probiotic Spore of Bacillus cereus

The results showed that used alone, the enzyme and the spores produced oedema inhibition and improved the motility of the rats, and the spore-immobilized bromelain formulation performed approximately 0.9-fold better than the free bromalain and the free spores at the lower evaluated dose.

A Supplement with Ribes Nigrum, Boswellia Serrata, Bromelain and Vitamin D to Stop Local Inflammation in Chronic Sinusitis: A Case-Control Study

The preliminary data suggest that the addition of supplement containing Ribes nigrum, Boswellia serrata, Vitamin D and Bromelain to the traditional local therapy (nasal spray with cortisone) can be a supporting therapy to modulate the local inflammation in the nose in patients affected by chronic sinusitis.

Effect of 20% ethanol extract of Subang pineapple gel on oral mucosa incisional wound length

Topical application of pineapple extract affected oral mucosa incisional wound healing and had a potential to accelerate wound closure.

New Mechanisms of Bromelain in Alleviating Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease-Induced Deregulation of Blood Coagulation

Findings suggest that bromelain exerts anticoagulant effects on NAFLD-induced deregulation of coagulation by inhibiting the activation of the coagulations cascade, decreasing the stability of clots, and promoting fibrinolytic activity.

Debridement Applications of Bromelain: A Complex of Cysteine Proteases from Pineapple

There are many types of proteases in the nature, since they represent about 2% of protein coding genes and plants are excellent sources of proteolytic enzymes with great activity and stability, and Therapeutic enzymes are the major biopharmaceuticals.

Natural actives for wound healing: A review

Traditional used natural actives for wound healing are reviewed, highlighting their characteristics and mode of action and how they can be used for cutaneous wound treatment.

Effects of Pineapple Juice and Ginger Drink for Relieving Primary Dysmenorrhea Pain among Adolescents

Pineapple juice and ginger drink effective to reduce pain of primary dysmenorrhea among female adolescent.

Bromelain: biochemistry, pharmacology and medical use

  • H. Maurer
  • Medicine, Biology
    Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences CMLS
  • 2001
Whether bromelain will gain wide acceptance as a drug that inhibits platelet aggregation, is antimetastatic and facilitates skin debridement, among other indications, will be determined by further clinical trials.

Stability, purification, and applications of bromelain: A review

This review aims to provide an up‐to‐date compilation of the data reported on this enzyme, and summarizes the main findings on bromelain in the literature to date.

Therapeutic efficacy of bromelain in impacted third molar surgery: a randomized controlled clinical study.

An important anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect of bromelain is demonstrated in reducing postoperative pain and swelling in patients attending impacted third molar surgery.

Is There a Role for Arnica and Bromelain in Prevention of Post-Procedure Ecchymosis or Edema? A Systematic Review of the Literature

  • D. HoJ. JagdeoHeidi A. Waldorf
  • Medicine
    Dermatologic surgery : official publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery [et al.]
  • 2016
Based upon published studies, there is insufficient data to support use of arnica and bromelain post procedure, and the authors recommend additional research to determine the efficacy and safety ofArnicaand bromELain to prevent and/or treat ecchymosis and edema in patients.

Isolation of an effective debriding agent from the stems of pineapple plants.

The stem of the pineapple plant contains, in addition to a number of proteases, particularly bromelain, a non-proteolytic component which is responsible for the complete bridement of experimental


Exposure to low dose of irradiation followed by preservation under frozen condition at −4C retains enzymatic and immunomodulatory activities of the fruit and offers a cost-effective way of proper preservation of pineapples retaining its medicinal properties.

Effects on fibrinogen, fibrin, and blood coagulation of proteolytic extracts from fruits of Pseudananas macrodontes, Bromelia balansae, and B. hieronymi (Bromeliaceae) in comparison with bromelain

Results reveal new plant species as potential sources of pharmacological agents for the treatment of a wide range of hemostatic disorders as well as to wound healing.

Possible involvement of eicosanoids in the pharmacological action of bromelain.

Results seem to indicate an interference of bromelain with arachidonic acid cascade, which deserves further investigation to be better assessed.