Therapeutic targeting of C-terminal binding protein in human cancer.

  title={Therapeutic targeting of C-terminal binding protein in human cancer.},
  author={Michael Wayne Straza and Seema Paliwal and Ramesh C. Kovi and Barur R Rajeshkumar and Peter Trenh and Daniel Parker and Giles Francis Whalen and Stephen Lyle and Celia A Schiffer and Steven R. Grossman},
  journal={Cell cycle},
  volume={9 18},
The CtBP transcriptional corepressors promote cancer cell survival and migration/invasion. CtBP senses cellular metabolism via a regulatory dehydrogenase domain, and is antagonized by p14/p19(ARF) tumor suppressors. The CtBP dehydrogenase substrate 4-methylthio-2-oxobutyric acid (MTOB) can act as a CtBP inhibitor at high concentrations, and is cytotoxic to cancer cells. MTOB induced apoptosis was p53-independent, correlated with the derepression of the proapoptotic CtBP repression target Bik… CONTINUE READING


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