Therapeutic potential of different commercially available synbiotic on acetaminophen-induced uremic rats


Currently kidney disease appears a foremost problem across the world. Acetaminophen is a commonly used antipyretic agent, which in high doses, causes uremia and used for experimentally induction of kidney disease. Bacteriotherapy affords a promising approach to mitigate uremic toxins by ingestion of urease positive bacteria, probiotics and symbiotic able to catabolize uremic solutes within the gut. The present study evaluates the effect of seven commercial symbiotic on kidney disease. Fifty-four albino male rats were randomly divided into nine groups. Control group (Group-I) received distilled water interperitoneally for 7 days. Positive control group (Group-II) received 500 mg/kg acetaminophen interperitoneally for 7 days. Commercially available seven symbiotic combinations at a dose of 109cells/day for 3 weeks was administered to the tested groups (Group III–IX) after receiving 500 mg/kg/day acetaminophen interperitoneally for 7 days. Blood, kidney, liver and stool samples were collected after scarification for biochemical tests and DNA fragmentation assay of kidney tissue, kidney histological studies. Limited fecal analysis was conducted. Blood urea nitrogen and toxicity indicators were increased, and antioxidant enzymes were decreased in Group-II. Blood urea nitrogen, toxicity indicators, glomerular necrosis, DNA damage of kidney tissue were reduced, and antioxidant enzymes were increased significantly in the treated Groups IV and IX (p < 0.05) in response to Group-II. Number of pathogenic bacteria decreased in synbiotic treated groups than Group I and II. The study demonstrated that some of commercial symbiotic combination can reduce the sever effect of kidney disease.

DOI: 10.1007/s10157-014-0971-4

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