Therapeutic effects of paclitaxel-containing ultrasound contrast agents.

  title={Therapeutic effects of paclitaxel-containing ultrasound contrast agents.},
  author={Michaelann Shortencarier Tartis and Jennifer L. McCallan and Aaron F H Lum and Rachel Labell and Susanne M Stieger and Terry Onichi Matsunaga and Katherine W. Ferrara},
  journal={Ultrasound in medicine & biology},
  volume={32 11},
Drug delivery vehicles that combine ultrasonic and molecular targeting are shown to locally concentrate a drug in a region-of-interest. The drug delivery vehicles, referred to as acoustically active lipospheres (AALs), are microbubbles surrounded by a shell of oil and lipid. In a region limited to the focal area of ultrasound application, circulating AALs are deflected by radiation force to a vessel wall and can subsequently be fragmented. Ligands targeting the alphavbeta3 integrin are… CONTINUE READING
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