Therapeutic effects of erythropoietin in murine models of endotoxin shock.

  title={Therapeutic effects of erythropoietin in murine models of endotoxin shock.},
  author={Kazutetsu Aoshiba and Shigemitsu Onizawa and Takao Tsuji and Atsushi Nagai},
  journal={Critical care medicine},
  volume={37 3},
OBJECTIVE Erythropoietin has recently emerged as a cytoprotective cytokine, which possesses the ability to protect many tissues, including the brain, heart, and kidneys, against ischemia or traumatic injury. We investigated the therapeutic effects of erythropoietin in a murine model of endotoxin shock. DESIGN Prospective, randomized study. SETTING University-based research laboratory. SUBJECTS Male BALB/c mice. INTERVENTIONS Mice intraperitoneally received either lipopolysaccharide (LPS… CONTINUE READING
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