Therapeutic effect of sheng-ji-san on pressure ulcers.


In the present study, the effectiveness of sheng-ji-san (SJS) in promoting the healing of pressure ulcers was evaluated. Thirty-two patients with pressure ulcers were divided into two groups. The treated group received routine medical care combined with SJS treatment and the control group received only routine medical care. After three weeks, the treated group showed a significant reduction in both surface area and depth grade, while the control group showed no significant change. The reduction ratio of the surface area of the ulcer and the effectiveness ratio for the treated group were significantly higher than for the control group. Multiple Linear Regression Analysis revealed that only the SJS treatment was significantly associated with the reduction of surface area and that the use of SJS could independently explain the observed high effectiveness ratio and a relatively high Odds Ratio of 9.539. These results indicate that SJS is effective in promoting the healing of pressure ulcers and should be considered as an adjuvant to routine therapy.

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