Therapeutic bioequivalency study of brand name versus generic carbamazepine.

  title={Therapeutic bioequivalency study of brand name versus generic carbamazepine.},
  author={Karen S. Oles and J. Kiffin Penry and Lonnie D Smith and Robyn L Anderson and J Christine Dean and A. R. Riela},
  volume={42 6},
We performed a randomized double-blind crossover therapeutic bioequivalency study of a generic (Epitol) versus a brand name (Tegretol) carbamazepine product under steady-state conditions in 40 epileptic patients. Each patient received 90-day supplies of Epitol or Tegretol and placebo, which replaced the usual dosage of the alternate product. Group A consisted of 20 seizure-free (from 5 months to 2 years) patients and group B of 20 patients with seizures refractory to drug therapy. In group A… CONTINUE READING