Therapeutic benefits of exercise training for hemodialysis patients.

  title={Therapeutic benefits of exercise training for hemodialysis patients.},
  author={Andrew P. Goldberg and Edward M. Geltman and James M Hagberg and James R. Gavin and James A. Delmez and Robert M. Carney and A Naumowicz and M H Oldfield and Herschel R. Harter},
  journal={Kidney international. Supplement},
Twenty-five hemodialysis patients were randomized into comparable exercising (E, N = 14) and sedentary control (N = 11) groups. After baseline testing, training was 3 to 5 times weekly for a mean of 12 +/- 4 (SD) months. Maximal aerobic capacity increased 21% (P less than 0.01), and the durations for the graded exercise stress test improved 19% (P less than 0.01) in E, but did not change in controls (8 +/- 4 months). Declining blood pressures in 8 hypertensive E led to reductions in… CONTINUE READING


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