Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals Targeting Integrin αvβ6

  title={Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals Targeting Integrin
  author={Stefanie Felicitas F{\"a}rber and Alexander J. Wurzer and Florian Reichart and Roswitha Beck and Horst Kessler and Hans-J{\"u}rgen Wester and Johannes Notni},
  booktitle={ACS omega},
The epithelial integrin αvβ6 is expressed by many malignant carcinoma cell types, including pancreatic cancer, and thus represents a promising target for radionuclide therapy. The peptide cyclo(FRGDLAFp(NMe)K) was decorated with different chelators (DOTPI, DOTAGA, and DOTA). The Lu(III) complexes of these conjugates exhibited comparable αvβ6 integrin affinities (IC50 ranging from 0.3 to 0.8 nM) and good selectivities against other integrins (IC50 for αvβ8 >43 nM; for α5β1 >238 nM; and for αvβ3… CONTINUE READING


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