Therapeutic Monitoring of Theophylline in Newborns with Apnea


The utility of therapeutic drug monitoring was studied in children with apnea. Plasma levels of theophylline were monitored in 106 patients. Of these 106 patients, 19% had subtherapeutic levels (group 1), 60% had therapeutic levels (group 2), and 21% had toxic levels (group 3). After we adjusted dosages and instituted monitoring, theophylline levels for group 1 rose to 8.12 mcg/ml on average and levels in group 3 were 8.3 mcg/ml. Another group of children who were not monitored spent from 14 to 26 days in the hospital; the monitored patients spent from 9 to 19 days. We concluded that monitoring of theophylline levels is supportive for newborns with apnea.

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