Thephorin in the Treatment of Disseminated Neurodermatitis1

  title={Thephorin in the Treatment of Disseminated Neurodermatitis1},
  author={Wilfred E. Wooldridge and H L Joseph},
  journal={Journal of Investigative Dermatology},
This study concerns a series of 23 cases of disseminated neurodermatitis treated with Thephorin.1 The preparations employed in the treatment of these patients were a syrup, containing 10 milligrams of Thephorin per dram, and tablets, each containing 25 milligrams. Both of these are now available commercially. In addition, we employed a five percent ointment of the Thephorin base in a carbowax vehicle. 
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Reactions to the local use of thephorin.

Lehmann proved-and Strauss in reviewing antihistamine therapy, stated-that Thephorin is a more potent local anesthetic than procaine, which suggests the possibility that its local action may be more that of a localAnesthetic than that of an anti-histaminic.

Clinical and experimental evaluation of thephorin ointment.

Antihistaminic drugs in dermatologic therapy.

The study here with reported includes the results obtained after the administration at different times of eight antihistaminic preparations by mouth and seven by topical application in treatment of a wide range of pruritic dermatoses with the object of assaying the limits of usefulness of these drugs in allergic and some nonallergic dermatoses.

Expression of the hyaluronan receptor RHAMM in endometrial carcinomas suggests a role in tumour progression and metastasis

The results suggest that RHAMM expression may enhance and improve the invasion and metastasis of endometrial carcinomas.


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The purpose of this paper is to define and classify the prurigos and to submit a case for the conservation of this concept with the retention of its terminology.

Clinical peptide vaccination trials for leukemia patients

Clinical Phase I and II peptide vaccination trials with RHAMM, WT1, PR-3 and bcr-abl for leukemia patients are summarized, showing the immune responses achieved after vaccination positively correlated with good clinical outcomes, that is complete remission.

Microbial colonization of an in vitro model of a tissue engineered human skin equivalent--a novel approach.

The SE model has potential to investigate interactions between resident and transient microbial communities with themselves and their habitat, and for testing treatments to control pathogen colonization of human skin.

Stem cells of the human epidermis and their niche: composition and function in epidermal regeneration and carcinogenesis.

The role of the microenvironment, the niche, is emphasized, promoting the view of the decisive importance of the niche as a key regulatory element for controlling position, fate and regenerative potential of the stem cell population both in healthy skin and in carcinomas.


Treatment of allergic and some other dermatoses with thephorin; a preliminary report.

Thephorin,1 a hydrogenated phenyl-pyridine derivative, exhibits anti-histaminic and anti-spasmodic activity in experimental animals and was recommended for use in dermatoses in which histamine was thought to produce symptoms.