Theory of the Bloch-wave oscillations in small Josephson junctions

  title={Theory of the Bloch-wave oscillations in small Josephson junctions},
  author={K. Likharev and A. Zorin},
  journal={Journal of Low Temperature Physics},
  • K. Likharev, A. Zorin
  • Published 1985
  • Physics
  • Journal of Low Temperature Physics
  • AbstractA quantum-statistical theory of the low-temperature behavior of Josephson junctions with very small capacitanceC and quasiparticle conductivityG, driven by a small currentI(t), is developed. In such junctions the “secondary” quantum macroscopic effects (tunneling and interference) are significant for all values of the Josephson phase difference ϕ, so that new features in the junction dynamics arise, including quantum “Bloch-wave” oscillations. Here the junction dynamics is analyzed in… CONTINUE READING