Theory of phase-ordering kinetics

  title={Theory of phase-ordering kinetics},
  author={Alan J. Bray},
  journal={Advances in Physics},
  pages={481 - 587}
  • A. Bray
  • Published 15 March 1993
  • Physics
  • Advances in Physics
The theory of phase-ordering dynamics that is the growth of order through domain coarsening when a system is quenched from the homogeneous phase into a broken-symmetry phase, is reviewed, with the emphasis on recent developments. Interest will focus on the scaling regime that develops at long times after the quench. How can one determine the growth laws that describe the time dependence of characteristic length scales, and what can be said about the form of the associated scaling functions… 

Evolution of large-scale structure during phase ordering in liquid crystals

The phase ordering kinetics of various liquid crystalline systems turning from a disordered to an ordered phase induced by a rapid temperature quench was investigated. The process of phase ordering

Considerations about universality in phase-ordering of binary liquids

In this article we show that the phase-ordering scaling state for binary fluids is not necessarily unique and that local correlations in the initial conditions can be responsible for selecting the

Phase ordering in 3d disordered systems

We study numerically the phase-ordering kinetics of the site-diluted and bond-diluted Ising models after a quench from an infinite to a low temperature. We show that the speed of growth of the

Topological Defect Behavior in a Quenched Nematic Liquid Crystal

This chapter provides an introduction to coarsening (or phaseordering) dynamics in nematic liquid crystals, the process by which a nematic reaches equilibrium after a quench from the isotropic to the

Nucleus growth in liquid crystals

The phase ordering kinetics of various liquid crystalline materials from well known series (PCH, CCH, nO. m, BCH and CB) when turning from a disordered to an ordered phase induced by a rapid

An Overview of Phase Ordering Dynamics

In Chap. 2, we introduced kinetic Ising models and the corresponding coarse-grained models for order-parameter kinetics. We also discussed the utility of these models in the context of phase ordering

Coarsening dynamics of phase-separating systems

  • A. Bray
  • Physics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2003
In this paper, the scaling phenomenology will be reviewed and the time–dependence of the coarsening scale will be discussed in the context of a number of different physical systems and scaling regimes.

Active nematics with quenched disorder.

A two-dimensional active nematic with quenched disorder is introduced and results from the numerical solution of equations of motion as well as the calculation of two-point orientation correlation function using linear approximation shows that the ordered steady state follows a disorder dependent crossover from quasi-long-range order to short- range order.



Universality of ordering dynamics in conserved multicomponent systems.

A comparative study is performed of the ordering dynamics and spinodal decomposition processes in two-dimensional two-state and three-state ferromagnetic Potts models with conserved order parameter and the growth law that describes the time-evolution of the linear length scale of the ordered domains is found to be algebraic.

Coarsening Dynamics in Nematic Liquid Crystals

Abstract There is considerable interest in the dynamics of topological defects formed during a symmetry breaking phase transition in fields as diverse as condensed matter physics, particle physics

Kinetics of domain growth in a random-field model in three dimensions.

The first detailed numerical study of domain growth in the ordered phase of a 3D quenched random-field (RF) model is presented, interpreted as arising from a renormalization of the kinetic coefficient at short length scales and can be associated with a dangerously irrelevant operator at the zero-temperature fixed point.

Dynamic correlations in phase ordering : the 1/n-expansion reconsidered

The ordering dynamics of a system with a non-conserved order parameter is considered following a quench into the ordered phase from high temperature. Newman and Bray (1990) have set up an expansion

Late-time coarsening dynamics in a nematic liquid crystal.

We have studied the coarsening dynamics of line defects in the uniaxial nematic liquid crystal 4-cyano-4'-n-pentylbiphenyl, subjected to a rapid pressure jump from the isotropic to the nematic phase.

Phase-ordering dynamics of nematic liquid crystals.

We study phase ordering in nematic liquid crystals using cell-dynamics simulations for d=2, n=2 and d=3, n=3. The tail in the structure function decays as k -x , withχ=4.0±0.1 for d=2 and χ=5.3±0.1

Domain growth kinetics in strongly disordered Ising magnets

We investigate the law of domain growth in strongly disordered Ising magnets in two dimensions by Monte Carlo simulation. The average linear domain size is found to grow with time t as R(t) ~ (In

Phase ordering from off-critical quenches and the measurement of the dynamic exponent lambda

The ordering dynamics of a system with a nonconserved order parameter is considered following a quench into the ordered phase from high temperature. The correlation of the order-parameter field with

Scaling behavior of two-time correlations in a twisted nematic liquid crystal.

We have measured the coarsening exponent O and the nontrivial scaling exponent λ, which characterize how the two-time correlation function C(t,t') scales with the correlation length L(t), C(t,t')