Theory of neutrinos: a white paper

  title={Theory of neutrinos: a white paper},
  author={R. N. Mohapatra and Stefan Antusch and K. Suresh Babu and Gabriela Barenboim and M-C. Chen and Andr{\'e} de Gouv{\^e}a and Pedro Cunha de Holanda and Bhaskar Dutta and Yuval Grossman and Anjan S. Joshipura and Boris J. Kayser and J{\"o}rn Kersten and Y. Y. Keum and Stephen F. King and Paul Langacker and Manfred Lindner and W. A. Loinaz and Isabella Masina and Irina Mocioiu and Subhendra Mohanty and Hitoshi Murayama and Silvia Pascoli and Serguey T. Petcov and Apostolos Pilaftsis and Pierre Ramond and Michael Ratz and Werner Rodejohann and Robert Shrock and Tatsu Takeuchi and Thomas E. J. Underwood and Lincoln Wolfenstein},
  journal={Reports on Progress in Physics},
  pages={1757 - 1867}
This paper is a review of the present status of neutrino mass physics, which grew out of an APS sponsored study of neutrinos in 2004. After a discussion of the present knowledge of neutrino masses and mixing and some popular ways to probe the new physics implied by recent data, it summarizes what can be learned about neutrino interactions as well as the nature of new physics beyond the Standard Model from the various proposed neutrino experiments. The intriguing possibility that neutrino mass… 

Status of non-standard neutrino interactions

  • T. Ohlsson
  • Physics
    Reports on progress in physics. Physical Society
  • 2013
The phenomenology of NSIs and their experimental and phenomenological bounds are reported as well as an outlook for future sensitivity and discovery reach are reported.

Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments

We review long-baseline neutrino experiments in which neutrinos are detected after traversing macroscopic distances. Over such distances neutrinos have been found to oscillate among flavor states.

Neutrino Masses and See-Saw Mechanism

  • A. TarhiniM. Mrad
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology
  • 2020
A neutrino is a subatomic particle that is very similar to an electron, but has no electrical charge and a very small mass. Neutrinos are one of the most abundant particles in the universe. Because

Neutrino interactions in the late universe

Abstract The cosmic neutrino background is both a dramatic prediction of the hot Big Bang and a compelling target for current and future observations. The impact of relativistic neutrinos in the

The Phenomenology of Right Handed Neutrinos

Neutrinos are the only particles in the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics that have only been observed with left handed chirality to date. If right handed (RH) neutrinos exist, they could be

Aspects of Neutrino Physics and CP Violation

A concise discussion on Majorana spinors is presented, leading to a review of the basic mechanisms of neutrino mass generation and the corresponding structure of the lepton mixing matrix, along with

Constraining Sterile Neutrinos from Precision Higgs Data

  • A. DasP. DevC. S. Kim
  • Physics
    Proceedings of The 39th International Conference on High Energy Physics — PoS(ICHEP2018)
  • 2019
We use the LHC Higgs data to derive updated constraints on electroweak-scale sterile neutrinos that naturally occur in many low-scale seesaw extensions of the Standard Model to explain the neutrino

Erratum to: On neutrino and charged lepton masses and mixings: a view from the electroweak-scale right-handed neutrino model

We present a model of neutrino masses within the framework of the EW- R model in which the experimentally desired form of the PMNS matrix is obtained by applying an A4 symmetry to the Higgs singlet

New Phenomena in Neutrino Physics

In this thesis, we discuss two new concepts in neutrino physics: The neutrino Mossbauer effect and non-standard neutrino interactions. We show that neutrinos emitted and absorbed in recoil-free

Neutrino physics: the roadmap for precision physics

In the last years, we experienced a complete change of the view of weak interaction physics. Robust results from many experiments as Super-Kamiokande, KamLAND, SNO, K2K, show us that the neutrinos



Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics

This work provides an overview of the subject of neutrino physics that will be of value to both the serious graduate student and the professional physicist. The authors focus on topics vital to the


The current status of the physics of massive neutrinos is reviewed with a forward-looking emphasis. The article begins with the general phenomenology of neutrino oscillations in vacuum and matter and

Neutrino mass spectrum from the results of neutrino oscillation experiments

All the possible schemes of neutrino mixing with four massive neutrinos inspired by the existing experimental indications in favor of neutrino mixing are considered in a model independent way.


▪ Abstract The observation of muon flavor disappearance in the atmospheric neutrino flux provides compelling evidence for neutrino flavor oscillations and, by implication, for nonzero neutrino rest

Massive Neutrinos In Physics And Astrophysics

The groundbreaking discovery of nonzero neutrino masses and oscillations has put the spotlight on massive neutrinos as one of the key windows on physics beyond the standard model as well as into the