Theory of abstract machines

  title={Theory of abstract machines},
  author={S. Ginsburg},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
  • S. Ginsburg
  • Published 1 April 1961
  • Computer Science
  • Commun. ACM
The Leviathan studies are investigations into how people operate in large social organizations. Examples of such groups are a large military command, a governmental agency like the U. S. Bureau of Internal Revenue, or an industrial combination like an international oil corporation. The general theory of organizations accepted in the Leviathan studies construes organizations as particular dynamic processes continually integrated into complex formal structures. Novel syntheses of strategies, of… 
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Eliminating the Flag in Threaded Binary Search Trees
  • D. Gordon
  • Computer Science
    Inf. Process. Lett.
  • 1986
It is demonstrated how threading can be used without flags in a binary search tree and a basic property of binary trees that allows us to distinguish efficiently between a thread and a right-son pointer during searching or insertion is proved.


Examples of Abstract Machines
  • S. Ginsburg
  • Computer Science
    IRE Trans. Electron. Comput.
  • 1962
Numerous physical situations related to data processing are shown to be modeled by a mathematical entity called a quasi-machine, such quasi-machines being called abstract machines.
Sets of Tapes Accepted by Different Types of Automata
The purpose of this note is to present a number of different types of one-way automata and show that the family of sets of tapes accepted by at least one automaton of a particular type is the same for all types.
Parallel computing with vertical data
A novel technique called Vertical Data Processing (VDP) for the manipulation of data in digital computers is presented and many classes of problems appear adaptable to this technique.
SDC Field Note 4018) July 25
  • SDC Field Note 4018) July 25
  • 1960
An inventory program for information retrieval
  • An inventory program for information retrieval
Library science in the compffter age American Documentation (in press
  • Library science in the compffter age American Documentation (in press