Theory of Solids

  title={Theory of Solids},
  author={John E. Enderby},
  • J. Enderby
  • Published 1 December 1968
  • Materials Science
  • Nature
Renormalized spectrum of quasiparticle in limited number of states, strongly interacting with two-mode polarization phonons at T=0 K
Within unitary transformed Hamiltonian of Fröhlich type, using the Green's functions method, exact renormalized energy spectrum of quasiparticle strongly interacting with two-mode polarization
Energy spectrum of localized quasiparticles renormalized by multi-phonon processes at finite temperature
The theory of renormalized energy spectrum of localized quasi-particle interacting with polarization phonons at finite temperature is developed within the Feynman-Pines diagram technique. The created
Basic Physics of Functionalized Graphite
This book summarizes the basic physics of graphite and newly discovered phenomena in this material. The book contains the knowledge needed to understand novel properties of functionalized graphite
Properties and temperature evolution of the spectrum of localized quasi-particles interacting with polarization phonons in two models
Using the Feynman-Pines diagram technique, the energy spectrum of localized quasi-particles interacting with polarization phonons is calculated and analyzed in the wide range of energies at the
Modélisation mathématique et analyse numérique des modèles de type Bloch pour les boîtes quantiques
Les boites quantiques sont les nanostructures confinees suivant les trois directions de l'espace. Depuis quelques decennies, de nombreuses etudes sont consacrees a des boites pour leurs proprietes
Observation of reflectance fluctuations in metals
Through the study of the power spectra of a monochromatic light beam reflected by metallic mirrors, fluctuations in their reflectance is observed. The power spectra were obtained down to a factor
Effective Mass Model Reduced to Ordinary Mass Using Newton’s, Quantum and Generalized Special Relativity
The concept of the effective mass in crystals shows that the electron mass is affected by the crystal field and was experimentally verified. A useful expression for effective mass was obtained.
The influence of adsorbed atoms concentration on the temperature coefficient of resonant frequency of the quasi-Rayleigh wave
Within the model of self-consistent connection of quasi-Rayleigh wave with adsorbed atoms, a method of constructing a new class of radiometric sensors of the temperature and concentration of adsorbed
Apical oxygen vibrations dominant role in d-wave cuprate superconductivity and its interplay with spin fluctuations
Microscopic theory of a high T c cuprate Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O 8+x based on main pairing channel of electrons in CuO planes due to 40mev lateral vibrations of the apical oxygen atoms in adjacent the SrO
Mass-dependencies of the bound state properties for three-body positronium-like exitonic complexes
Abstract Mass-dependencies of a number of bound state properties are investigated in some light two-electron exitonic complexes (or clusters) Z + e − e − , where m e ≤ m Z ≤ 2 m e . These exitonic