Theory of Database Queries

  title={Theory of Database Queries},
  author={Ashok K. Chandra},
BLgmnmg with thL mtroducllon 01 r&nmn~l ddlab.lsLb by Codd [Cod70 Cod721 a great deal of work has bcLn devoted to under\t.mdmg how data can effcclt~vcly bL CXIrrlLtLd lrom database\ IndLLd datdbarc \y\tcms and query I.mgudg~!cs have been proposed rlncl dcvcloped mcludmg SQL QBE QUEL LDL etc [Ch76, UXO, TZX6 2771 Al the same tune, thL theory of database queries has grown mto d rich tcchntLa1 are4 whtch \ervcs to place more pragmatic dcvLlopmcnt\ m dut perspecttve lndecd tht51\ the Labe with… CONTINUE READING

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Kaneilakts, Logtc programmmg dnd pdrakl compkxlty In Fottndattons of Deductrw Dotabaves ed J Mmher, MorpanKaufman (19X8) Also m proc In1

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