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Theory of Bergman spaces (I)

  title={Theory of Bergman spaces (I)},
  author={Petros Galanopoulos},
  journal={arXiv: Complex Variables},
These notes are part of the research seminar with title "Theory of Bergman spaces and related function spaces" that took place in the University of Crete, Department of Mathematics (September 2006- December 2007), in the framework of the research program PYTHAGORAS II(75% European funds--25% Greek national funds). 
Beurling type theorem on the Bergman space via the Hardy space of the bidisk
In this paper, by lifting the Bergman shift as the compression of an isometry on a subspace of the Hardy space of the bidisk, we give a proof of the Beurling type theorem on the Bergman space of
A Hardy space analysis of the Báez-Duarte criterion for the RH
  • S. Noor
  • Mathematics
    Advances in Mathematics
  • 2019
University of Birmingham Sarason Conjecture on the Bergman space
  • Mathematics
  • 2016
. We provide a counterexample to the Sarason Conjecture for the Bergman space and present a characterisation of bounded Toeplitz products on the Bergman space in terms of test functions by means of a
New classes of spaceable sets of analytic functions on the open unit disk.
In this paper we study an algebraic and topological structure inside the following sets of special functions: Bloch functions defined on the open unit disk that are unbounded and analytic functions
Let {φn}n≥1 be a sequence of analytic self-maps of D. It is proved that if the union set of the ranges of the composition operators Cφn on the weighted Bergman spaces contains the disk algebra, then
Integral-type operators from weighted Bloch spaces into Bergman-type spaces
Let ϕ be an analytic self-map and u be a fixed analytic function on the open unit disk 𝔻 in the complex plane ℂ. The following integral-type operators have recently attracted a lot of attention. In
Extremal functions in weighted Bergman spaces
We find an explicit formula for the solution of an extremal problem for the invariant subspaces in the weighted Bergman spaces , , consisting of functions having one zero of order at least k, . A
In this paper, we investigate the properties of Bergman spaces, Bloch spaces and integral means of p-harmonic functions on the unit ball in Rn. Firstly, we offer some Lipschitz-type and double
The trifecta of Hilbert spaces on Unit Disc
Abstract. The Hilbert spaces are common. But the direct connection between them is rare. The aim of this paper is to establish a direct relation among the three Hilbert spaces, that are Hardy,
Cyclic vectors in Bergman spaces
We show that derivatives of some classes of analytic functions, univalent or locally univalent in the unit disk, are cyclic vectors for the Bergman space .