Theory and design of uniform and composite electric wave-filters

  title={Theory and design of uniform and composite electric wave-filters},
  author={Otto J. Zobel},
  journal={Bell System Technical Journal},
The electric wave-filter, as regards its general transmission characteristics and its extremely important role in communication systems, is well known. Its physical theory was discussed in detail in the preceding number ot this Journal by its inventor, G. A. Campbell. In the present paper it is proposed to present systematic general methods of wave-til ter design, together with representative designs, which have been developed in connection with the practical utilization of this desile in the… 

Theory of Electric Wave Filters Built up of Coupled Circuit Elements

  • L. J. Peters
  • Engineering
    Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
  • 1923
This paper is essentially a treatment of certain types of coupled circuit networks by methods similar to those used in the discussion of the properties of long lines with distributed constants. This

Vector Presentation of Broad Band Wave Filters

The function of a broad-band wave filter of the iterative ladder type in the attenuation band, and outside the attenuation band can be explained very simply when expressed in terms of two

Mutual inductance in wave filters with an introduction on filter design

Principles of Generalized Dissymmetrical Networks. We shall consider first the impedance and propagation characteristics of certain generalized networks, It can be shown that any passive network

A Mechanical Demonstration of the Properties of Wave Filters

The nature of wave motion and amplitude and phase distortion of waves are discussed. Wave filters of different types and important uses of wave filters are defined and discussed, and finally, a

Design of Wide-Band Asymmetric Hybrid Ladder Filters

A new type of hybrid ladder filter is presented to be used in asymmetric wide-band filter designs and an algorithm for the design of arbitrarily-wide-band filters with fixed properties of acoustic-wave resonators is given.

Compensation network design for capacitive ultrasonic transducers

The frequency response characteristic of a through transmission Capacitive Ultrasonic Transducer (CUT) system is quite often dominated by membrane resonances of the transmit and receive devices and

Proposed revision of the conventional method of wave-filter design

A modifica tion of t he convention a l "classical " method of elect ri cal fi lte r design is proposed. The chan ge co ns ists of t he use of ne w paramete rs, " freq uency numbers", whi ch permit

XXVI. A note on Duhamel's integral, with particular reference to the transient response of cascaded filter sections

Summary The superposition theorem is generally applied by means of Duhamel's integral, and it is shown that the solution of practical transient-response problems may be aided by the use of

A history of crystal filters

  • R. Kinsman
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium (Cat. No.98CH36165)
  • 1998
The first use of quartz crystals as filter elements was suggested by Waiter Cady in 1922 in his paper "The Piezo-Electric Resonator", although in the initial conception a single crystal only was used

Frequency dependence of left-handed and right-handed periodic transmission structures

  • D. JachowskiC. Krowne
  • Engineering
    2004 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37535)
  • 2004
Techniques from image-parameter filter theory are used to derive frequency dependent representations of the characteristic impedance, phase, and attenuation of some left-handed and right-handed