Theory and Practice

  title={Theory and Practice},
  author={Robert Ubell},
  journal={Staying Online},
  • Robert Ubell
  • Published 9 July 2021
  • Political Science
  • Staying Online
Created in 1958, the Center fosters advanced study of basic world problems by scholars from various disciplines and senior officers from many countries. The research at the Center, focusing on the processes of change, includes studies of military-political issues, the modernizing processes in developing countries, and the evolving position of Europe. Foreward The spectrum of force affecting international politics has greatly broadened since World War II. At one end, the capacity to destroy has… 

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[The theory and the practice...].

The Essay concludes that practitioners theorize, and theorists practice, use these intellectual tools differently because the goals and orientations of theorists and practitioners, and the constraints under which they act, differ.

Somali Nationalism by Saadia Touval Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1963. Pp. 214. $4.95.

The detailed examination of these problems as they emerged in the Nigerian election of 1959, and the way in which they were dealt with, will be instructive to those concerned with similar problems in