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Theory and Diagnostics of Hot Star Mass Loss

  title={Theory and Diagnostics of Hot Star Mass Loss},
  author={Jorick S. Vink},
  • J. Vink
  • Published 16 September 2021
  • Physics
Massive stars have strong stellar winds that direct their evolution through the upper Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and determine the black hole mass function. Secondly, wind strength dictates the atmospheric structure that sets the ionising flux. Thirdly, the wind directly intervenes with the stellar envelope structure, which is decisive for both single star and binary evolution, affecting predictions for gravitational wave events. Key findings of current hot-star research include: • The… 


Very Massive Stars in the Local Universe
Recent studies suggest the existence of very massive stars (VMS) up to 300 solar masses in the local Universe. As this finding may represent a paradigm shift for the canonical stellar upper-mass
These new models provide the velocity stratification
  • 2020
Appendix: Mass-loss Recipes