Theory Of Collective Behavior

  title={Theory Of Collective Behavior},
  author={Neil J. Smelser},
Macroscopic approaches to control: multi-robot systems and beyond
This work outlines several constructive principles and guidelines that aid in establishing a link between these formal properties and the realities of task directed robot system design, and examples of such guidelines include exploiting distinct timescales, and seeking conservation properties within task behavior.
A Macroscopic model for Pedestrian Flows in Panic Situations
This macroscopic model for pedestrian flows proposed by Colombo and Rosini is able to properly describe the movements of crowds, even after panic has arisen and can reproduce the so called Braess' paradox for pedestrians.
Evacuation Dynamics: Empirical Results, Modeling and Applications
Collective Locomotion as Collective Behavior
Milling clusters, surges within gatherings, street actions, demonstration marches, and state processions are forms of social behavior with which we mark points along a continuum of collective
How Long is Really a Road Tunnel? Application of Driving Simulator for the Evaluation of the Effects of Highway Tunnel on Driving Performance
The topic of road tunnel is really a huge question as demonstrated by several fields of research that analyse the tunnel features from different perspectives and with different objectives, from the
Resistance and return: power, command and change management
“A command carried out impresses its exact shape on the performer. How deeply and firmly this is imprinted depends on the force with which the command is given, its phrasing, the extent of the
Money disputes might or always happened in construction site due to some circumstances and most of the past studies agreed that it is an important issue which often arises in the context of
The Effect of International Interchange of High-Level Manpower on the United States
This report consolidates the data available from various sources in an attempt to assess the net U.S. balance in the international interchange of high-level manpower. The United States is shown to