Theorizing Yes: An Essay on Feminism, Law and Desire

  title={Theorizing Yes: An Essay on Feminism, Law and Desire},
  author={Katherine M. Franke},
  journal={Columbia Law Review},
In this Essay, Professor Franke observes that, unlike feminists from other disciplines, feminist legal theorists have neglected to formulate a positive theory of female sexuality. Instead, discussions of female sexuality have been framed as either a matter of dependency or danger. Professor Franke begins her challenge to this scheme by asking why legal feminism has accepted unquestionably the fact that most women reproduce in their lifetimes. Why have not social forces that incentivize… 

Is Law Opposed to Politics for Feminists?: The Case of the Lusty Lady

Although feminists have historically engaged the law for political purposes, this article traces critiques of such engagements from early feminist legal theory to poststructuralist feminist thought.

How Queer Theory Makes Neoliberalism Sexy

Some strands of queer theory have echoed conservative law-and-economics (neoliberalism) in criticizing feminism's turn to the state and to moral principle to solve problems of dependency and

Feminist Legal Studies

A close engagement with law has long been a core dimension of feminist activism. However, it is only since the late twentieth century that a distinct and vital body of academic literature addressing

Women’s Sexual Agency and the Law of Rape in the 21st Century

Abstract This paper evaluates the modern baseline presumption of nonconsent in sexual assault (rape) cases in light of different theories of sexuality (feminism on the one hand and sex

Feminism and Gestational Surrogacy. Theoretical Reconsiderations in the Name of the Child and the Woman

This article discusses the limits of the feminist theory of commodification of women’s body in contrasting the diffusion of gestational surrogacy as a new reproductive practice and women’s labour.

De-Moralizing Gay Rights – an overview

  • Cyril Ghosh
  • Sociology
    Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
  • 2019
ABSTRACT In this overview, I begin by situating De-Moralizing Gay Rights within the field of queer studies/queer theory. I then delineate the book’s principal arguments. The book critically

Should Bearing the Child Mean Bearing All the Cost? A Catholic Perspective on the Sacrifice of Motherhood and the Common Good

One of the most significant factors in the persistent wage gap between men and women in the United States is the economic penalty suffered by working mothers. As a Catholic legal academic struggling

“Try Not to be Embarrassed”: A Sex Positive Analysis of Nonconsensual Pornography Case Law

Media, police, and educational responses to nonconsensual pornography (i.e. ‘revenge porn’) have been critiqued for relying on sex negative beliefs that result in victims of this act being blamed and

Visceral Acts: Gestationality as Feminist Figuration

  • R. Chadwick
  • Art
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2022
Reproductive labor has recently become the site of renewed theoretical interest. Despite this resurgence, visceral acts of procreative “life-making” continue to be undertheorized, particularly in

Mothering Under the Shadow of Patriarchy: The Legal Regulation of Motherhood and Its Discontents in Taiwan

This paper is an engagement with the questions of how the law is constitutive of and informed by women's subordination under the institution of motherhood, and of the extent to which this schema has



Reconceptualizing Sexual Harassment

This Article documents and criticizes the prevailing paradigm for conceptualizing sex-based hostile work environment harassment. The prevailing paradigm understands harassment as an expression of

What's Wrong with Sexual Harassment

T h e term "sexual harassment" covers a wide range of activities and behaviour. A t the extreme we have cases i n w h i c h men blatantly force themselves u p o n women, us ing their power to

The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution

"In The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution, Shulamith Firestone cuts into the prejudice against women (and children) - amplified through the modern media-that pervades our society."

The Performance of Production and Consumption

The core of this essay offers a reading of several of Marx's central arguments, showing the continuity of production with signification and performativity. I bring the insights of poststructuralism

Agency And Constraint: Sterilization And Reproductive Freedom Among Puerto Rican Women In New York City

This research examines the myriad social, historical and personal conditions that have led Puerto Rican women to have one of the highest documented rates of sterilization in New York City. Through

Caught Looking : Feminism, Pornography and Censorship

This collection of essays, written between 1978 and 1986, embodies both anti-censorship activism and a "fluid dialogue between women and sex". Incorporates current and historic pornographic

Making Americans: Immigration, Race, and the Origins of the Diverse Democracy

Introduction I. Immigrant America Immigration and American Political Development A Less Intelligent Class? The Dillingham Commission and the New Immigrants II. Defining Americans "The Fire of

Immigration, 'Race' and Ethnicity in Contemporary France

Preface Chapter 1 - Overview Chapter 2 - Socio-economic structures Chapter 3 - Ethnic identification and mobilisation Chapter 4 - National identity, nationality and citizenship Chapter 5 - Politics