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Theorizing Toward a Theory of Social Practices : A Development in Culturalist

  title={Theorizing Toward a Theory of Social Practices : A Development in Culturalist},
  author={Andreas Reckwitz},
This article works out the main characteristics of ‘practice theory’, a type of social theory which has been sketched by such authors as Bourdieu, Giddens, Taylor, late Foucault and others. Practice theory is presented as a conceptual alternative to other forms of social and cultural theory, above all to culturalist mentalism, textualism and intersubjectivism. The article shows how practice theory and the three other cultural-theoretical vocabularies differ in their localization of the social… Expand
The social site approach versus the approach of discourse/ practice formations
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I want to present here a way of thinking about research – about the practice of research, and about research itself as practice 1 . In doing so, I draw on what has been called practice theory andExpand
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Elite and ethical: The defensive distinctions of middle-class bicycling in Bangalore, India
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Sociologie vědění jako cesta k promýšlení sociálních praktik
Everyday social practices and mechanisms of power hidden in them are involved in the process of construction of social reality. Through their effect, social practices can influence the behavior ofExpand
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Videography in consumer culture theory : an account of essence(s) and production
Aalto University, P.O. Box 11000, FI-00076 Aalto Author Joel Hietanen Name of the doctoral dissertation Videography in Consumer Culture Theory: An Account of Essence(s) and ProductionExpand


Toward a Theory of Social Practices
This article works out the main characteristics of `practice theory', a type of social theory which has been sketched by such authors as Bourdieu, Giddens, Taylor, late Foucault and others. PracticeExpand
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