Theorizing Citizenship in Citizen Journalism

  title={Theorizing Citizenship in Citizen Journalism},
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Citizen journalism has become a prominent term referring to a variety of newsgathering and reporting practices conducted via a range of new digital technologies. The scholarly literature on citizen journalism, however, has tended to concentrate on its significance for journalism theory and practice while comparatively neglecting underlying questions about the theories of citizenship utilized within citizen journalism. This article examines the range of theories of citizenship at work in citizen… Expand
The Importance of Citizenship: Theoretical Issues in Studying Citizen Journalism in International Context
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Citizen Journalism at The Margins
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Digital age as ethical maze: citizen journalism ethics during crises in Zimbabwe and South Africa
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Social news, citizen journalism and democracy
  • Luke Goode
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • New Media Soc.
  • 2009
The article calls for a research agenda that investigates new forms of gatekeeping and agenda-setting power within social news and citizen journalism networks and highlights the importance of both formal and informal status differentials and of the software ‘code’ structuring these new modes of news production. Expand
In this article, we investigate the emergence of “participatory journalism” as a scholarly object in the field of journalism studies. By conducting a genealogical analysis of 119 articles onExpand
The case against the democratic influence of the internet on journalism
Book synopsis: Web Journalism: A New Form of Citizenship provides a much-needed analytical account of the implications of interactive participation in the construction of media content. Although webExpand
Putting the citizen back into journalism
Around four million listeners in an average week tune into community radio stations around Australia, primarily to hear local news and information. It has created arguably the highest per capitaExpand
Does the ‘Monitorial Citizen’ Exist? An Empirical Investigation into the Occurrence of Postmodern Forms of Citizenship in the Nordic Countries
Various authors have claimed that in contemporary Western societies postmodern concepts of citizenship are becoming more prevalent. A new generation of ‘critical citizens’ are said to be moreExpand
Bearing witness: citizen journalism and human rights issues
This article assesses the potential of online news reporting to create discursive spaces for emphatic engagement—of bearing witness—at a distance, especially where human rights violations areExpand
Standby citizens: diverse faces of political passivity
The current debate on political participation is bound to a discussion about whether citizens are active or passive. This dichotomous notion is nurtured by an extensive normative debate concerningExpand
Mediated politics and citizenship in the twenty-first century.
  • D. Graber
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Annual review of psychology
  • 2004
This essay analyzes the interrelation between citizenship in the twenty-first century and the information supply that nourishes it and focuses on studies that explore how political news is shaped to attract public attention and how citizens select it and make sense of it. Expand
Monitorial Citizens or Civic Omnivores? Repertoires of Civic Participation Among University Students
In present-day societies, the extent to which young people still participate in civic life is an important matter of concern. The claim of a generational “decline” in civic engagement has beenExpand
Empowering the youth as citizen journalists: A South African experience 1
Seldom unpacked in the notion of ‘citizen journalism’ is its difference to ‘citizen media’ and ‘alternative journalism’, and the same applies to the convergence of ‘citizenship’ and ‘journalism’.Expand