Theorising environmental justice: the expanding sphere of a discourse

  title={Theorising environmental justice: the expanding sphere of a discourse},
  author={David Schlosberg},
  journal={Environmental Politics},
  pages={37 - 55}
  • D. Schlosberg
  • Published 1 February 2013
  • Sociology
  • Environmental Politics
Environmental justice has been a central concern in a range of disciplines, and both the concept and its coverage have expanded substantially in the past two decades. I examine this development in three key ways. First, I explore how early work on environmental justice pushed beyond many boundaries: it challenged the very notion of ‘environment’, examined the construction of injustice beyond inequity, and illustrated the potential of pluralistic conceptions of social justice. More recently… 

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GEOGRAPHY, THE ENVIRONMENT, AND DEMOGRAPHY David A. McDonald, ed. Environmental Justice in South Africa. Athens: Ohio University Press/Cape Town: University of Cape Town Press, 2002. 319 pp. Notes.

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