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Theories, practices and promises: human trafficking laws and policies in destination states of the Council of Europe

  title={Theories, practices and promises: human trafficking laws and policies in destination states of the Council of Europe},
  author={E. Yuko and A. McAuley and R. Munck},
With the rapidly increasing rate of migration – a by-product of a more globalised world – human traffickers have greater opportunities to exploit those who migrate to other States. A destination State can adopt one of two theoretical models when responding to human traffickers and trafficked persons: a criminal model and/or a human rights model. This dissertation examines whether international human trafficking law and destination States adopt a criminal or human rights model. Chapter 1… Expand
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  • A. Ng
  • Political Science
  • 2016
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A human rights-based approach to counteract trafficking in women: The case of Ethiopia
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