Theoretical study of isomerism/phase dependent charge transport properties in tris(8-hydroxyquinolinato)aluminum(III).

  title={Theoretical study of isomerism/phase dependent charge transport properties in tris(8-hydroxyquinolinato)aluminum(III).},
  author={Hongze Gao and Hongyu Zhang and Yun Gen and Zhongmin Su},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. A},
  volume={115 33},
The charge carrier transporting ability in the polymorphism of tris(8-hydroxyquinolinato)aluminum(III) (Alq(3)) has been studied using density functional theory (DFT) and Marcus charge transport theory. α- and β-Alq(3) composed of mer-Alq(3) molecules have stronger electron-transporting property (n-type materials) compared with their hole-transporting ability. In contrast, γ- and δ-Alq(3) formed by fac-Alq(3) molecules possess stronger hole-transporting character than their electron… CONTINUE READING

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M. Rajeswaran, T. N. Blanton, K. P. Z. Klubek
New Cryst . Struct . • 2003

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