Theoretical study of excitation energy transfer in DNA photolyase.

  title={Theoretical study of excitation energy transfer in DNA photolyase.},
  author={Xuehe Zheng and J. V{\'i}ctor Garc{\'i}a and Alexei A. Stuchebrukhov},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={112 29},
Photolyase (PL) is a DNA repair enzyme which splits UV light-induced thymine dimers on DNA by an electron transfer reaction occurring between the photoactivated FADH(-) cofactor and the DNA dimer in the DNA/PL complex. The crystal structure of the DNA/photolyase complex from Anacystis nidulans has been solved. Here, using the experimental crystal structure, we re-examine the details of the repair electron transfer reaction and address the question of energy transfer from the antenna HDF to the… CONTINUE READING


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