Theoretical overview: the new mesons

  title={Theoretical overview: the new mesons},
  author={Chris Quigg},
  • C. Quigg
  • Published 4 November 2004
  • Physics
After commenting on the state of contemporary hadronic physics and spectroscopy, I highlight four areas where the action is: searching for the relevant degrees of freedom, mesons with beauty and charm, chiral symmetry and the DsJ levels, and X(3872) and the lost tribes of charmonium. 

From the Kappa via the D*(s0)(2317) to the chi(c0): Connecting light and heavy scalar mesons

Pole trajectories connecting light and heavy scalar mesons, both broad resonances and quasibound states, are computed employing a simple coupled-channel model. Instead of varying the coupling

Axions et polarisation des quasars

L’objet de mes recherches est de determiner si l’interaction entre photons et particules pseudoscalaires dans des champs magnetiques extragalactiques est a meme de reproduire les observations



Exotic meson production in BNL experiment E852

The status of spin-exotic mesons is reviewed. There is now compelling evidence for at least three π1 states between one and two GeV. Preliminary results from the reaction π−p → π+π+π−π−π0p show

New Developments in Heavy-Light Systems

Higher Charmonium

. This contribution briefly discusses some new theoretical results for the properties of charmonium, especially the “higher charmonium” states above open-charm threshold. In particular we discuss the

Mesons with beauty and charm: Spectroscopy.

  • EichtenQuigg
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1994
The spectrum of mesons is calculated using knowledge of the interaction between heavy quarks derived from the study of [ital c[bar c]] and [ital b[bar b]] bound states] and the prospects for experimental observation are considered.

Properties of the DsJ states

Recent measurements involving the newly discovered DsJ particles are reported. The results of DsJ production and decay branching fraction measurements are shown. Possible spin-parity and quark