Theoretical investigation on the selective detection of SO2 molecule by AlN nanosheets

  title={Theoretical investigation on the selective detection of SO2 molecule by AlN nanosheets},
  author={Somayeh F. Rastegar and Nasser L. Hadipour and Hamed Soleymanabadi},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Modeling},
Theoretical calculations focused on the ability of an AlN nanosheet to detect O3 and SO2 molecules based on the dispersion corrected B3LYP (B3LYP-D) and B97D density functionals. Equilibrium geometries, stabilities, and the electronic properties of O3 and SO2 adsorptions on the surface of an AlN sheet were explored. The adsorption energies were calculated to be about −17.80 and −21.51 kcal mol-1 at B3LYP-D level for O3 and SO2 corresponding to the most stable configurations, respectively. It… 
Nickel-decorated B12P12 nanoclusters as a strong adsorbent for SO2 adsorption: Quantum chemical calculations
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Sensing Behavior of Hexagonal-Aluminum Nitride to Phosgene Molecule Based on Van der Waals–Density Functional Theory and Molecular Dynamic Simulation
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TCNE-modified graphene as an adsorbent for N2O molecule: a DFT study
The considerable amount of Eads in TCNE modified PG can be a guide to the design of graphene-based adsorbents for N2O capture, indicating that both surfaces are not good enough to introduce as an N 2O detector.
The adsorption of CO molecule on pristine, As, B, BAs doped (4, 4) armchair AlNNTs: a computational study
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Electronic sensor for sulfide dioxide based on AlN nanotubes: a computational study
This sensor can selectively detect the SO2 molecule in the presence of several molecules such as H2O, CO, NH3, HCOH, CO2, N2, and H2 and possess short recovery times.
First principle study of hydrogen storage on the graphene-like aluminum nitride nanosheet
Employing density functional calculations including an empirical dispersion term, we investigated the hydrogenation of an aluminum nitride nanosheet (h-AlN) with atomic and molecular hydrogen. It was