Theoretical description of a DNA-linked nanoparticle self-assembly.

  title={Theoretical description of a DNA-linked nanoparticle self-assembly.},
  author={Chia Wei Hsu and Francesco Sciortino and Francis W. Starr},
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Nanoparticles tethered with DNA strands are promising building blocks for bottom-up nanotechnology, and a theoretical understanding is important for future development. Here we build on approaches developed in polymer physics to provide theoretical descriptions for the equilibrium clustering and dynamics, as well as the self-assembly kinetics of DNA-linked nanoparticles. Striking agreement is observed between the theory and molecular modeling of DNA-tethered nanoparticles. 
Developments in understanding and controlling self assembly of DNA-functionalized colloids.
The latest achievements in understanding and controlling DNA-mediated interactions between colloidal particles are reviewed, which are expected to solve the decennial issues encountered in the self assembly of DNA-coated colloids.
Soft-Surface DNA Nanotechnology: DNA Constructs Anchored and Aligned to Lipid Membrane**
Three attachment points are needed to align a two-dimensional DNA nanoconstruct to a soft lipid membrane surface with a porphyrin nucleoside as membrane anchor, enabling the possibility of a self-repairing system.
Universal two-step crystallization of DNA-functionalized nanoparticles
We examine the crystallization dynamics of nanoparticles reversibly tethered by DNA hybridization. We show that the crystallization happens readily only in a narrow temperature “slot”, and always
Insights into DNA-mediated interparticle interactions from a coarse-grained model.
A new coarse-grained model of DNA-functionalized particles which incorporates some of the desired features of DNA behavior and which provides explicit DNA representation and complementary interactions between Watson-Crick base pairs, which lead to the formation of single-stranded hairpin and double- Stranded DNA.
DNA-based soft phases.
This chapter reviews the state-of-the-art in the study of molecular or colloidal systems whose mutual interactions are mediated by DNA molecules and considers systems that are entirely constructed by DNA and hybrid systems in which latex or metal colloidal particles are coated by DNA strands.
DNA Self-Assembly and Computation Studied with a Coarse-Grained Dynamic Bonded Model
The DNA model is used to perform simulations of the self-assembly kinetics of DNA tetrahedra, an icosahedron, as well as strand displacement operations used in DNA computation.
DNA assisted self-assembly of PAMAM dendrimers.
DNA assisted self-assembly of polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers is reported using all atom Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations and a molecular level picture of a DNA-linked PAMAMdendrimer nanocluster is presented, which was first experimentally reported by Choi et al. (2004).
Molecular simulation study of assembly of DNA-grafted nanoparticles: effect of bidispersity in DNA strand length
In this paper, we use molecular dynamics simulations to study the assembly of DNA-grafted nanoparticles to demonstrate specifically the effect of bidispersity in grafted DNA strand length on the
Binary heterogeneous superlattices assembled from quantum dots and gold nanoparticles with DNA.
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These studies demonstrate a route for assembly of integrated heterogeneous 3D structures from different nano-objects by DNA-encoded interactions and find that AuNPs and QDs are positioned in a body-centered cubic lattice, while each particle type is arranged in a simple-cubic manner.


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疟原虫var基因转换速率变化导致抗原变异[英]/Paul H, Robert P, Christodoulou Z, et al//Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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